Yves Klein Speaks!

CD with accompanying 8 page booklet, featuring spirit mediums Valerie Winborn, Karen Lundegaard, Liane Crawford and Robert Grey. This cd was recorded on location at the Menil Collection, Houston TX; SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA; and at the home of an anonymous collector in New York City. For more about this project please read more about our Yves Klein Performance Lecture Series.

You can listen to tracks from the cd below by clicking on the triangles next to track names.

    Trk Listen

    Valerie Winborne

  1. I amaze myself
  2. He did not sleep long hours
  3. Adobe and abominations
  4. Gold's journey
  5. Not just any blue
  6. A rant and a celebration
  7. Six boxes of chocolate
  8. Sometimes I was quite lonely
  9. Karen Lundegaard

  10. Spirits gather in a party
  11. Trance blue
  12. I'm picking up a vibe in my heart
  13. He's modest, in a way
  14. This conversation is a work of art
  15. He danced when no one was watching
  16. Be activists for art
  17. Men and angels
  18. A sailor and a monk
  19. When you can see the stars by day
  20. Lianne Crawford

  21. I have not always been an angel
  22. My bugaboo
  23. This is wonderful!
  24. Spirit is extendable
  25. I was imbued with the color
  26. Bacchanal of joy
  27. The blue and the gold
  28. The male and the female
  29. I have done a lot of things...that I do not regret
  30. Bronwyn Falcona

  31. Nothing I haven't already said
  32. Escape from the cairn
  33. The touch of the astral
  34. Working with the collective
  35. Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles
  36. God force and hard core, gold cash
  37. A house in rural France
  38. The earth as a volley ball
  39. Living Brushes
  40. A lesson we all could learn