Visits With Joseph Cornell

CD with accompanying 16-page booklet, featuring spirit mediums Adam Bernstein, Valerie Winbourne, Clyde Derrick, Paula Roberts, and Karl Ptery. This cd was partially funded by the Whitney Museum of AMerican Art and was produced in conjunction with the 2002 Whitney Biennial. For more about this project please read more about our Joseph Cornell Performance Lecture Series.

You can listen to tracks from the cd below by clicking on the triangles next to track names. The medium speaking on each track is noted by their initials.

    Trk Listen


  1. Music: Clara Schumann, Bunderstanze op.6
  2. What may happen today (AB)
  3. Here, one never forgets anything (VW)
  4. A torrent of words (PR)
  5. Radiant like a flower (CD)
  6. A facade (KP)
  7. Artistartistarrtistar (VW)
  8. Who says he wants to say anything? (PR)
  9. Hammering in the nails (KP)
  10. We feel, that’s our luster (CD)
  11. Act I

  12. Music: Clara Schumann, Kinderscenen, op.15
  13. Carla and Maria (PR)
  14. Affinity for birds (AB)
  15. A man who was a lover? (CD)
  16. Did he not marry ? (AB)
  17. A LOST LOVE (CD)
  18. A damp wooden studio [a big pot of stew] (PR)
  19. The knife with the cutting (AB)
  20. Waifs and strays (PR)
  21. Life magazine? (AB)
  22. Garrulous people (CD)
  23. What are you doing to me? (KP)
  24. Utopia (VW)
  25. Act II

  26. Music: Clara Schumann, Kinderscenen, op.15
  27. The evolving mollusk (CD)
  28. He doesn’t throw a lot of stuff out, does he? (KP)
  29. A wedding (PR)
  30. Foundlings (CD)
  31. Simple games (VW)
  32. Little buildings(PR)
  33. Flea markets, in the garbage, wherever (KP)
  34. Spirit be manifest (AB)
  35. I can almost hear seagulls (PR)
  36. String from the sea (CD)
  37. Not mere boxes! (VW)
  38. Act III

  39. Music: Clara Schumann, Kinderscenen, op.15
  40. Setting up his facade [I see a door](KP)
  41. A conflict (PR)
  42. A lark (KP)
  43. those things were true for the moment (CD)
  44. Recognition (AB)
  45. I can see him almost snickering (KP)
  46. What are you angling for? (CD)
  47. new snickers for you (VW)

    Act IV

  1. Music: Clara Schumann, Kinderscenen, op.15
  2. A worship type of thing (KP)
  3. I saw the world through Richard’s eyes (CD)
  4. A close connection (AB)
  5. When Richard spoke it was like music (CD)
  6. Mother (AB)
  7. She never valued him (CD)
  8. I’ve got this person isolated (PR)
  9. Loveloveflufflove (VW)
  10. Act V

  11. Music: Clara Schumann, from Kinderscenen, op.15
  12. I sometimes haunt (VW)
  13. [I think] he is here (AB)
  14. He’s been seen (PR)
  15. This very teacher-like energy (AB)
  16. A supreme hack (CD)
  17. Not sitting on a pink cloud (PR)
  18. Painting with his feet (CD)
  19. It’s not to help (VW)
  20. Lack of time! (CD)
  21. Thank you (VW)
  22. Pulling the curtain (CD)
  23. Thank the spirits (AB)
  24. A horrible, horrible thing (KP)
  25. Any other questions? (PR)