Conversations with the Countess of Castiglione

CD with accompanying 6 page booklet, featuring spirit mediums Clyde Derrick, Susan Feinbloom, Danielle McGee and Bronwyn Falcona. This cd was our first project with spirit mediums.

    Trk Listen

    Clyde Derrick

  1. Laugh At Your Deformities
  2. Whiskey & Tobacco
  3. Kissing the Toe
  4. Chuckle and Yet Feel Sadness
  5. Why Do Women Want To Be Skinny?
  6. Consuela
  7. Flatulence in Color
  8. We We're Provocative
  9. The Real Mona Lisa
  10. Susan Feinbloom

  11. The Bright Blue Light
  12. I Have Loved My Body
  13. Pressure on Her Aura
  14. Metaphor Person
  15. There Is a Music
  16. She Loves to Dance
  17. An Elegant Gown and Bare Feet
  18. She Likes to Channel
  19. Danielle McGee

  20. I'm Pretty, You Fool
  21. Gossip
  22. Who Cares?
  23. A Picture Through Time
  24. The Yappy Dog
  25. Philosophy
  26. I Didn't Die a Virgin
  27. Butting Heads, Acting Dumb
  28. Mischief Maker
  29. Bronwyn Falcona

  30. Jason's Welcome
  31. Creative Warrior Energy
  32. Containment Field
  33. Red Scarlet Veil
  34. It's a Lot of Work To Be a Woman
  35. It was Experimental
  36. Not Suffering Fools Gladly
  37. Georges: Devotion & Betrayal
  38. She Heard a Different Language