Flesh ++ Blood I and II

Sound and Video Installation, 2005

Flesh ++ Blood I and II are two versions of a generative text and sound sculpture, part of our ongoing work with sound effects.

In both cases, the sounds of flesh and blood spurting, gushing, ripping, flaying, etc. are output to transducers which are attached to large pieces of glass, as the titles of these (presumably faked) sound effects are output to a nearby monitor.

Flesh ++ Blood I was first shown at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA, as part of ‘Bay Area Now 5′. In this version of the piece, there are six resonators attached to a piece of glass which measures 4′ x 14′.

Flesh ++ Blood II was first shown at the University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas. This version of the piece was designed for stereo (2 resonators) output, is significantly smaller (3′ x 5′) and has several visual enhancements to the text output.